“If you love books. If you love books so much that you love even the word ‘book’. Then this is a book you’ll love.” Jonathan Trigell, author of Boy A

"Funny, inventive. . . Mills keeps the game up with the sheer unexpectedness of her narrative. . . an ingenious, energetic read, admirable for the verve and macabre imagination with which Mills pursues her quarry." The Sunday Times

“An extraordinary odyssey of orgiastic obsession…a novel as ambitious and outrageous as this seems to defy conventional review…the author's invention and enthusiasm – and the depth of her apparent obsession – are undoubtedly infectious.” The Guardian.

“Highly entertaining” The Observer

“There are glimpses of genius here” The Daily Mail

“Maverick” The Catholic Herald

"The dark horse of the bestseller lists" Evening Standard

“An inventive debut novel about a group of literary wannabes who long to influence Will Self. A literary equivalent of Being John Malkovich, it sparkles with knowing wit and almost limitless literary time travel....An extraordinary feat of the imagination” Alex Hemingsley's Book Choice BBC Radio 2 Claudia Winkleman’s Arts Show

"It sounds too weird to be enjoyable, but the themes -- the extent to which art mirrors life and vice versa and whether the writers who teach us about life are worthy of worship -- are well drawn out. And for the unconverted (I wouldn't say knowledge of Self's work is a pre-requisite for reading this) the cultish depths of Mills' affection for the author is genuinely infectious... quirky above and beyond the call of duty" Irish Independent

"If you enjoy a book that makes you reconsider the paradigms of fiction, the oddity of imagination and the brilliance of original thought, look no further than author Sam Mills’ debut adult work The Quiddity Of Will Self. Within the pages of The Quiddity Of Will Self lies a true gem of contemporary literature. It encompasses so many elements of the very best writing, from the transgressive to the absurd, suspenseful to the comedic. This is a must for any reader who craves to be challenged by a novel, and will in turn find themselves infinitely rewarded. Like finding a fifty-dollar note in your back pocket on a hungover Sunday morning, The Quiddity Of Will Self is a wonderful, ambitious and surprising novel. A breath of fresh air sure to be one of the most talked about books of 2012 and absolute must for any book club looking to add some spice into their reading by embracing the weird, and finding the wonderful." Andrew Cattanach, Booktopia

“A fine book, nine years in gestation and publishing, it should find a space on the cult shelf of any good bookshop.” New Books Magazine

"A hugely enjoyable novel of rare energy and ambition." Fiction Uncovered

" The Quiddity of Will Self is perhaps flawed, but it’s also a great and very ambitious book, and it needs to be accepted for what it is. You can enjoy the ideas, the invention, and the constant confusion of fact, fiction and authorship..." Giles Anderson, Litro Magazine

“Of course, there’s much more to Self than just a predilection for deploying arcane vocabulary, and as such Mills has more to draw on than wordplay. The novel is divided into five parts, of which the section narrated by Richard is the first. The next two parts are macabre and original enough that they might sit comfortably alongside any of the stories in Self’s dark collections Dr Mukti and Other Tales of Woe, and Liver...a playful novel” Pop Matters website review by Alan Ashton-Smith

'The somewhat embarrassing ramblings of S Mills' Private Eye

“The story is strong and some particularly creative concepts make for a good read reminiscent of The Secret History.” Sarah Gammon, ‘We Love This Book’

‘The Quiddity of Will Self’ is an intoxicating swirl of ideas, a disturbing adventure in the literal psychogeography of the great man’s mind, a provocative and elusive literary adventure’
Book blogger, Workshy Fop

“Skilled, confident and brave; Sam Mills writes in worship of an existing cult author... Identity, insanity, orgies, mystery, murder, loss, deception, ghosts, hermaphroditism - it’s all in here and yet it doesn’t feel overcrowded as a novel. Its denseness works and the creative ideas drive the story well. This is literature of grand proportions and I’m not surprised it is the work of nine years... ‘The Quiddity of Will Self’ isn’t a book to devour in one sitting (I fear it may explode your mind), it is a book to take your time with, to break from, ponder and digest its ideas.” Book blogger Tessa Brechin

"So if you’re looking for something to get your teeth into, or a book to push you out of your comfort zone, give this dark and refreshingly different tale a try." Book blogger Literary Kitty

"TQOWS is a novel I found myself flying through, a real page turner, which is quite a feat for a book that boasts such beautiful, challenging prose, but the essence of the tale was so beguiling, just as the essence of Self's genius is in the book, that I was unable to put it down. The Quiddity of Will Self is, in my opinion, an excellent book, tremendously written and beautifully measured, a must for fans of a myriad of genres, and Sam Mills is a name to look out for..." Book blogger One Man Book

"A particularly original, quirky, imaginative and extremely funny book” Book blogger Chris Haak

Chosen as a Friday Read on Twitter by Lee Rourke and Sam Byers:

“Obsessional, fragmentary, metafictional and strangely beguiling” – Lee Rourke (#fridayreads)

"My #fridayreads is the excellent 'Quiddity of Will Self' by @sammillsauthor: a dark and hilarious journey into the voice and body of Mr Self" Sam Byers